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What’s up with Rememberthemilk?

As part of my ongoing quest for finding free productivity tools, I recently found RemembertheMilk.Com. Awesome site, and by far the best integration I’ve seen with Gmail. It just automagically renders on the righthand side of your screen.

Until today, that is. Not sure what’s going on, any hints on how to fix?

Update 1/28/08: Looks like Rememberthemilk (RTM) was ReleasingtoWeb(RTW) a new version.  All back and working.  I’ve commented before in my series on Free Stuff For Start-Ups that Todoist was a great tool.  Todoist is great, but I’d have to say that Rememberthemilk is even better.  Far better integration with Gmail and GoogleAppsMail.


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Wishlist TiVo, Slingbox, or Windows Media Center should do–embedding TivoMe into a web page

I love my Tivo, and in particular I love being able to schedule a recording from anywhere using their MyTivo function.

Here’s my wish-list for a next step.  I’d like to see an embedded “TivoMe” button next to key upcoming event descriptions seen elsewhere on the web.  Here’s the scenario.  I go to ESPN, and I see an upcoming basketball game, such as this.   Next to the description should be a little icon that says “TivoMe.”  When I press it, it automagically feeds that request into my MyTivo function, and it’s all taken care of.

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Sir Edmund Hillary — Godspeed

Sir Edmund Hillary, first to climb Everest and New Zealand’s ‘most admired and famous citizen’ died Friday, January 11 in Auckland. This quote below from his book, Nothing Venture, Nothing Win, struck me and I wanted to share it:

I discovered that even the mediocre can have adventures and even the fearful can achieve. I had the world beneath my clumsy boots and saw the red sun slip over the horizon after the dark Antarctic winter. But for me the most rewarding moments have not always been the great moments, for what can surpass a tear on your departure, joy on your return, and a trusting hand in yours?

[From National Business Review (NBR) – Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More]

One great quote on humanness from one of the great humans.

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I expressed some of my dissatisfaction with a recent interaction with Expedia, and tonight had to book some travel for an upcoming business trip to Tokyo.  Tried, as I’d heard about it.  Pretty impressive in being more efficient and *cheaper* than Expedia (by about $50).  I’ve got no idea whether they’d help me out at all if I need to change my flight, but the initial experience was one I’d take on again.

In some sense, they’re aggregator business is ideal and keeps them from the messy business of having to deal with a customer like me who needs to change things every once in a while…   Kayak’s kind of a strange brand name–it’s definitely got good evocative flair, it’s something I can remember.  It doesn’t really make me stand up and take notice, but then again, it probably does enough.  Wise of them to avoid names in convention of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz tho.  More Amazonian, I think…  Good luck to them, was a good first experience.

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Took 2nd (!) in Palo Alto Charity NLHE Poker event

Was a blast to get out there and play some poker.  The blind structure was such that it was bsically “Yahtzee Poker” by the end–I was certainly lucky to get the silver.

FYI, for folks local to Palo Alto, I’ll be starting up Pocket Jay’s Palo Alto branch of the NLHE tourney games that were so popular in Tokyo!  Drop me a line at jeremiah.jamison.wg98 <at><wharton><dot><upenn><dot><edu>.

Keep flopping aces!

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Changing reservations via Expedia is a *disaster* — what I’d do

I’ve now spent over an hour on the phone with Expedia trying to change a ticket.  Pretty basic stuff: need to change a return date, shift the return city.  THe first set of staff couldn’t get it done; then I discussed with Tanya, a specialist who knew her stuff–5 mintues later it was fixed and all set, for like $15.

The inconsistency of customer service with in Expedia’s staff to expediently resolve the issue is shocking, not to mention depressing.

Here’s what  I would do if i were running Expedia–it seems like a simple ‘product’ fix.  Whenever a user wants to change a flight or whatever, there should be a ‘desired change’ process the user goes through.  Through this process, they would ‘mark-up’  the current itinerary into the desired itinerary and they then send it to the person on the phone at Expedia.  Then both sides have the same information, and the customer service rep can work through getting a pricing done.

Currently all that stuff is done manually–meaning we’ve got to discuss all this on the phone.

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Primary thoughts

“Instant gratification takes too long!”  (Postcard from the Edge)

With HRCs and McCain’s wins in NH the Presidential nomination race “wide open” and now a “chess match.” It’s exciting to see all the gasping for air, the shock, the disbelief among pundits.  Some say “nobody knows nothing.

Some observations…

First, when was the last time anyone really heard from the national GOP front-runner, Mayor Giuliani?

Second, there’s a lot of fight left.  Remember that Iowa and NH contain in sum about 4M people, or 1.5% of the nation’s population.  Also both are mostly white.   A lot of game left.

Third, the funniest thing I saw tonight was Huckabee’s campaign manager trying to argue that Iowa and NH were representative of the nation.  He kept saying, how many of these do you need to do before you call this a nationwide movement?  Coming from Obama, I could see this, but from Huckabee?

Have fun all–it’s politics in motion.  Happily, I see this as a great debate and discussion–a high point in US democracy (so far), in the engagement, the arguments, the voices, the candidates.  All in all, it seems a best practice–certainly in my politically aware life.

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