Moonshoot is a new Internet company that I’ve started.  We’re just getting started, so not much detail yet–stay tuned.


3 responses to “Moonshoot

  1. Jerimiah

    I do a lot of work in China..exporting to the US. I have business associates who have expressed an interest in developing an English language school / training in Schenzhen (next to Hong Kong)

    Our back ground is NOT in education or even computer science. All our business now is export to the US, some to Europe. We see that business being very unstable in the near future and we are looking for a business we can import to China. The Chinese market is growing and the demand for english speakers is great…parents especially want their children bi-lingual.

    Although we do not have education or computer heavy backgrounds we are successful businessmen and know how to run a company

    Let me know if you are interested in the China market

    Pat Leary

  2. Mario Alvarez

    Hi Jay,

    First, congratulations on launching moonshoot. I have been trying to reach you to see what your plans are for Southern Europe.

    I am an american, Spanish wife, and we see a huge opportunity here for your solution. All kids here, similar to Japan, take spanish in school, but few actually speak it.

    Most middle class families pay for their kids to attend private language schools after school, but there is an opportunity to offer a supplement to what kids are doing in the classroom for parents that can not afford to send their kids to private language schools.

    Please let me know if you are interested in launching in Southern Europe.



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