I’m Jay Jamison. This is my blog.

Leaving the Flock will cover lots of things, but its focus has tended to focus on technology and the internet, where I’m now working.

A little bit about me.  I worked in Product Management and marketing at Microsoft for 9 years, in Windows and in Windows Server.  I did a ton of fun things and have a ton of fond memories, many of them involving karaoke.

I left MSFT in September 2007 to embark on a new adventure–becoming an entrepreneur.  I’m now starting my first start-up, and will be talking more about that as things progress.

Prior to Microsoft,  I grew up on a sheep farm in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, worked at Microsoft

I love technology and the internet, the Pittsburgh Steelers, skiing and poker. I am passionate about education and about business. My politics tend towards conservative, though I have strongly negative views on Bush and the Republican party overall.

I am happily married to Aimee Jamison, we have two young boys.  We also have two dogs, Shatner and Scout.

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6 responses to “About

  1. Eric

    I came here to find out about your startup. come on Jay! Share.

  2. Gab

    Hey Jay!
    Great to see you over the summer! The kids are awesome! When are younz movin to Cali? an’t wait to catch up!
    Love you cuz,

  3. Jay-

    I just got back from Vegas last night…too bad we did not know we were going to be there at the same time. I was there from thur-mon with some buddies from Vail for a bachelor party, stayed at Planet Hollywood…not to bad I guess.

    hope you are well, I saw you on linked in and thought I would drop you a line.

    we have recently relocated to New Canaan and I am working in White Plains….out of the mortgage business finally and on to the wonderful world of marketing and advertising.

    best to Aimee, Hobie and Huck!


  4. hutchingsfam


    I’m an current MBA candidate, and I just enjoyed reading “Career advice for MBAs looking to go into tech : the first 90 day plan.” Everything you said was great and, I hope, will one day be helpful. I have, like you, a non-technical degree and would love to hear any advice on how to get into the industry. For me, it would be for my summer internship. If you find time to address this issue, find me here: http://www.jaredmalan.com.



  5. Dennis

    Hey Jay –
    Just found the blog. When do the covers come off on what you are up to? Give me a shout


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