Primary thoughts

“Instant gratification takes too long!”  (Postcard from the Edge)

With HRCs and McCain’s wins in NH the Presidential nomination race “wide open” and now a “chess match.” It’s exciting to see all the gasping for air, the shock, the disbelief among pundits.  Some say “nobody knows nothing.

Some observations…

First, when was the last time anyone really heard from the national GOP front-runner, Mayor Giuliani?

Second, there’s a lot of fight left.  Remember that Iowa and NH contain in sum about 4M people, or 1.5% of the nation’s population.  Also both are mostly white.   A lot of game left.

Third, the funniest thing I saw tonight was Huckabee’s campaign manager trying to argue that Iowa and NH were representative of the nation.  He kept saying, how many of these do you need to do before you call this a nationwide movement?  Coming from Obama, I could see this, but from Huckabee?

Have fun all–it’s politics in motion.  Happily, I see this as a great debate and discussion–a high point in US democracy (so far), in the engagement, the arguments, the voices, the candidates.  All in all, it seems a best practice–certainly in my politically aware life.


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