Kayak.com–a step-up from Expedia

I expressed some of my dissatisfaction with a recent interaction with Expedia, and tonight had to book some travel for an upcoming business trip to Tokyo.  Tried Kayak.com, as I’d heard about it.  Pretty impressive in being more efficient and *cheaper* than Expedia (by about $50).  I’ve got no idea whether they’d help me out at all if I need to change my flight, but the initial experience was one I’d take on again.

In some sense, they’re aggregator business is ideal and keeps them from the messy business of having to deal with a customer like me who needs to change things every once in a while…   Kayak’s kind of a strange brand name–it’s definitely got good evocative flair, it’s something I can remember.  It doesn’t really make me stand up and take notice, but then again, it probably does enough.  Wise of them to avoid names in convention of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz tho.  More Amazonian, I think…  Good luck to them, was a good first experience.


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