Go Steelers

Its my clear opinion that that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best sports franchise in the history of the universe.   I will use regular posts and conversations to help establish that as a fact.2007 will be a super interesting year–Coach Tomlin is new, and I love what I see so far.  Truly awesome to watch his career.  Will also be interesting to see how Roethlisberger performs.  Post mortem note:Losing Willie Parker and a surprising fall-off in defense did us in this year.  Great first year on the whole for Coach Tomlin.  Looking forward to next year. 


2 responses to “Go Steelers

  1. Randy

    Jay, you must be super busy to have forgotten about this all-important thread… Its May 2009, we won the Super Bowl months ago, Harrison ran 100 yrds for what I believe is one of the single best examples of human will and determination I have ever seen (ya, Im biased, but so what), Im still buzzed, and the walls here are bare.

    • you are right randy. that super bowl was outstanding. i watched as a child the US beat the USSR in ice hockey in lake placid, without understanding quite what a miracle that was–the SB was about on par with that. and what a terrific group of human beings–even their new round 1 draft pick is someone who sounds like a great guy to spend time with.

      i’ll need to update my steelers page, for certain.

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