Free stuff for startups : Will Price’s summary of Weissman’s Handling Q&A

Just saw Will Price’s blog entry on Jerry Weissman’s book, In the Line of Fire, How to Answer Tough Questions When It Counts. I recommend the posting, and I certainly would recommend the book.  
Agree with everything Will says there. I’ve taken Mr. Weissman’s training course twice as a function of my time at MSFT. Its super effective–in particular the approach to handling Q&A is notable. One of the videos that Mr. Weissman shows during his class is General “Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf” taking quesitons from the press during Desert Storm. I found part of this on You Tube, and IMHO it’s a best practice on how to deal with QA (the first part in the press conference, not the Barbara Walters part)

He answers the questions crisply, concretely, confidently and moves on.


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