Changing reservations via Expedia is a *disaster* — what I’d do

I’ve now spent over an hour on the phone with Expedia trying to change a ticket.  Pretty basic stuff: need to change a return date, shift the return city.  THe first set of staff couldn’t get it done; then I discussed with Tanya, a specialist who knew her stuff–5 mintues later it was fixed and all set, for like $15.

The inconsistency of customer service with in Expedia’s staff to expediently resolve the issue is shocking, not to mention depressing.

Here’s what  I would do if i were running Expedia–it seems like a simple ‘product’ fix.  Whenever a user wants to change a flight or whatever, there should be a ‘desired change’ process the user goes through.  Through this process, they would ‘mark-up’  the current itinerary into the desired itinerary and they then send it to the person on the phone at Expedia.  Then both sides have the same information, and the customer service rep can work through getting a pricing done.

Currently all that stuff is done manually–meaning we’ve got to discuss all this on the phone.


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One response to “Changing reservations via Expedia is a *disaster* — what I’d do

  1. Typical from EXPEDIA. They tried to scam me once (1254,95 U$D). They would do anything (lie, cheat ) in order to keep your money.
    read more at :

    Don’t trust what they tell you by phone. EXPEDIA representative use to lie to customers. Ask confirmation by e-mail and after that contact the airline to see if they indeed made the change.

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