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CSI : Mississippi –

This story of highly questionable, ostensibly corrupt practices by Mississippi medical examiner Dr. Steven Hayne should give further pause to those supporting the death penalty.

The Wall Street Journal here shines a bright light here and they deserve praise for publishing this. A key quote:

Former Columbus, Miss., Police Chief J.D. Sanders has been trying for years to draw attention to Dr. Hayne. “There’s no question in my mind that there are innocent people doing time at Parchman Penitentiary due to the testimony of Dr. Hayne,” he says. “There may even be some on death row.”

It is precisely this kind of government incompetence (at best) or corruption (more likely) that is why the state should not have the power or authority to kill people through execution of the death penalty.

My fellow conservatives like to charge that the government lacks the competence to do all sorts of things in our lives, such as regulating health care. Why then do we ascribe competence to the government in taking someone’s life?

The death penalty and the arguments supporting it are immoral, we should eliminate it as a criminal penalty in all 50 states…

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Steelers looked dominant against Seahawks

After a rocky first quarter, the Steelers dominated the Seahawks.  The EPSN reporter called the ‘Hawks defense “visibly exhausted” in the 4th quarter of the 21-0 skunking.

I love it.

The team had several high-profile injuries.  To control the ball on offense as much as they did — they took their opening drive in the 3rd quater over 100 yards (with penalties) and chewed up over 10 minutes — was quite impressive.  The D also was outstanding–the second half they allowed a single first down.

They should be able to get healthy with the bye week.  Health and momentum on both sides of the ball:  a recipe for success.


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