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MTV Wheezing Into Social Media Age

According to Tech Crunch,  “MTV has announced plans to a launch a show that taps into the power of social media, tightly integrating with Facebook and Twitter to maximize fan interaction.”  Wow, does this come across as the old media guys trying to wheeze their way into the party.  It’s not so much the strategy of MTV embracing the reality of their user base–they realize their users are using social media, makes sense that they’d use it.  Still, when to read about this on Tech Crunch as a show planning to use social media as a channel, versus just doing it and attracting users, the whole thing just sounds so put on.

I’d contrast it with the very powerful, useful manner in which CNN used Fbk and more recently Twitter in the election, inauguration and more recently with the swine flu and even with Larry King.  CNN has done a fantastic job, I’d say.  They’ve continued to drive the content that’s their bread and butter, first and foremost.  They’ve augmented it nicely with social media.  This is the way for ‘old media’ to integrate the newest media technologies.  The MTV approach that starts by saying we’ll have a Twit/FBK integration into some show, well, I don’t know, sounds pretty weak to me.  We’ll see.  Wheeze.

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