What I learned teaching myself SEO

I wrote last summer about my quest to teach myself SEO in 2 weeks.  At the time, the key task was simple: get the NYT wedding announcement proclaiming my wife, Aimee Jamison (nee Aimee Vincent), and me as married to show up on the first page of search results to anyone who typed “Aimee Jamison” into Google. 

At the time I started, this announcement showed up as #48 in the search results on Aimee Jamison, at the bottom of the 5th page.  As of today, going to Google and typing “Aimee Jamison,” returns Aimee’s LinkedIn Profile, Aimee’s Twitter Stream, and then the NYT Wedding Announcement.  So we moved her desired result up 45 spots!  Nice!

In my prior blog posting, I’d talked about taking 2 weeks to work on this.  In fact, it was much shorter.  Here were the key things I did:

  • We filled out a Google Profile for Aimee Jamison, which linked to the NYT article.
  • In Aimee’s LinkedIn Profile, we added a Personal Link, which in turn linked to the article.
  • We got her a posterous page, which linked to the article, as a backgrounder on her. 
  • Finally, when you sign in to Google, Google puts little Up and Down arrows that you can use to move around the search results.  It presumably saves results for you, so that when you type common searches, you get the custom results you want.  I assume that Google takes input from what things people move around here, though I’m not certain that this is true. 

In any case, what I learned here was pretty simple—if you want to get that certain link to show up higher in the page rank, there are a lot of routes that you can use to help yourself.  Now obviously, we’re not trying to compete with others on Aimee’s name, so this was an easier task.  Still, if you’ve never done SEO, I’d recommend this, as it was a pretty useful, straightforward exercise, and it definitely got results.


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