Thoughts on “Are you really an Entrepreneur?”

In the second of Bernard Lunn’s very useful posts Are You Really an Entrepreneur? – ReadWriteStart, Lunn goes through 10 things to think through to assess whether you’re *really* an entrepreneur. Its useful and good, recommended reading.

In considering these questions, I’d suggest an image—that of Arnold as the the Terminator in Terminator 2.  In a way, he’s the ultimate in what you’d want to have as an entrepreneur.  Here’s what I mean:

  1. The Terminator has been sent from the future to present day for the purpose of changing the course of history.  That sense of purpose is exactly as focused and driven as you want to be as an entrepreneur.
  2. The Terminator stops at nothing to pursue his goals.  Ditto that for any budding entrepreneur.
  3. The Terminator takes in as much data as he can, adapts, and learns.  Throughout the movie, the Terminator in T2 shapeshifts and does generally whatever he needs to in order to stay in pursuit of his goal.
  4. And finally, and most importantly, the Terminator really can’t be killed.  Of course, he’s in a movie, but this is emblematic.  This refusal to quit, the mental toughness, this is probably at core one of the biggest and most important single elements to long-term opportunities at success.   Setbacks will appear and they will hit you in the gut when you least expect it.  How you regroup and continue forward is key.  Arnold’s Terminator is an image worth remembering.

Making a decision to head into the world of startups is a big one—Mr. Lunn’s ideas and writing is useful and efficient.  I’m hopeful that this adds a useful, vivid metaphor for some of the elements and important questions anyone needs ot ask.

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