Let the Twitter Sniff-fest Begin!

Sniff!Last night I went to bed shortly after reading that Apple was trying to buy Twitter.  This morning, that bid got raised with reports that MSFT, GOOG, NEWS as well as Apple are all in the hunt. 

See: Apple, Microsoft, Google And News Corp Are All Sniffing Around Twitter (AAPL, MSFT, GOOG, NWS)

Twitter may well decide not to sell.  And while I don’t have time now to get into, if Twitter decides it wants to sell, Sweet Maria, what a bidding fest we will see. 

Each suitor is an 800# Gorilla, each with solid strategic interests and potential synergies to bring.  My quick take:

  • For Apple, it takes the iPhone to a new level of potential communication / app platform
  • For MSFT, I see the desktop having a sidebar twitter stream integrated right in—also helps it with mobile and with internet.
  • Goog—Twitter represents that biggest best grab on the real-time info flow.
  • News—well, Twitter’s all about the future of news. 

No idea what will happen, but Twitter’s sitting about as prettily as can be.  Very interesting to watch

Also, what happens here will be a signal as to where we are in the context of M&A / IPO in technology. 

Image by jacqueline-w via Flickr

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4 responses to “Let the Twitter Sniff-fest Begin!

  1. What about the Apple-Twitter thing? is it real?

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