Quick Thoughts on Oprah Effect on Twitter

This quote from Hitwise Intelligence – Heather Hopkins – US: Oprah Effect on Twitter caught my eye:

There’s been much debate among loyal Twitter users about whether this spells the end for Twitter’s coolness, as soccer moms sign up in droves.

Total, absolutely, 100%, USDA Prime Grade BUNK.  Wanna know how I know? 

Do this thought experiment…  try it at home. 

Step 1: Replace “Twitter” in above quote with the word “telephone,” “email,” “the Internet,” “Facebook.” 

Step 2: Now put your mind’s eye into the following year for each communication technology.

Email: 1994

Internet: 2000

Facebook: 2007

I may have the years off by a year or two, but the net/net is that anyone who thinks that these technologies would lose something when they became “too mainstream,” fail to understand the power of networks. 

All of these technologies became vastly more cool after they became mainstream.   They became more cool precisely because the broader usage spurred broader innovation and investment.  Sure, you as an early adopter and a technical elitist now have to contend with your mom asking you questions about Tweeting, but in return you get a broader, more robust ecosystem. 

Still don’t buy it: invert the argument.  Raise your hand if you’d like to go back to dial-up internet and AltaVista as the leader in Search! 


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