New FriendFeed Search bring FF a lot of promise

FriendFeed launched a new advanced search capability today, reported on here.   I think it opens up the promise of FriendFeed to expand into something far more impactful and useful than it already was.

To date, I’ll confess that I’ve not been a heavy user of FF.  It was awesome in terms of its sheer conversational (and other) data that would go through there.  But in terms of usability, it seemed like people could get really, really drawn into threads and discussions that went way past their usefulness.  A bit like those email threads that just won’t die.  Prominent tech bloggers were getting sucked into the FriendFeed vortex, and interventions were being publicly advocated.

Yep, as someone who needs to stay productive, I had to stay away from FriendFeed.

Now along comes the Advanced Search, and now, all these conversations become something that I can go and pull stuff out of.  I can choose to be part of the whitewater rapids of conversations flowing through FriendFeed, or I can drop my search in and fish out whatever I want.  I’m more of a fisher, and this feature’s great.  Obviously a ton of different scenarios could be useful as Marshall’s article mentions.  But this feels to me like FF could become a pretty strong platform where vertical searches on all sorts of stuff becomes important.

I’d watched FF from a distance, admiring it and thinking that it was pretty ingenious.  Now I’d say I’m pretty excited about their prospects indeed. 


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