Crowd-Sourcing a Name: A Loser’s Bet

TechCrunch writes up entrants to the field of crowd-sourced naming firms.  The idea as it’s explained is that a company looking for a brand name or whatever will submit a request to the site, and then the wisdom of crowds will spit out a killer name.

The article mentions that TechCrunch submitted a project on their own and was not super impressed with the results.  This doesn’t surprise me–thinking a crowd is going to light on a great name for something of your’s is fantasy-land.  Crowd-sourcing a name is a loser’s bet.

My view is that getting a killer name is one of the most important things you can do.  If you’re a start-up, you don’t have money to burn on marketing.  Every opportunity you might have to build and drive value from any source is useful.  In this environment, having a great name, an identity that can break-through and stick in the craw of someone is exactly what you need.  You won’t get that from a bunch of random folks who don’t know you.  If you’re starting a company, this is your responsibility.

The best discussion on how to build a name that goes the distance is courtesy of  I’ve written about them before, and their killer discussion guide.

If you need to name something, don’t go the crowd-sourced route–go to

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