ABC = Always Be Courtous: TuneCore’s Cautinary Tale

There is a legendary business story about billionaire H. Ross Perrot.  The founder of EDS sold his company to GM and got a huge payday, and was for a time the largest single shareholder of GM.  After the transaction, he would visit local GM dealerships, and without announcing who he was, try to buy a car.  The hitch was–according to legend–he would dress way down, such that a sales person would try to steer him to less expensive cars.  Mr. Perrot would indicate he wanted a Cadillac.  If the sales person responded well, Mr. Perrot would buy the car for that person; if not, Mr. Perrot would have him fired.

The moral of the story–whether true or not–is to treat people kindly as you never know who they might really be.

The TuneCore story below is another good cautionary tale.  Blowing off any PR outlet (or anyone else) as rudely as this is unconscionable.  Good for them that they did it to Tech Crunch.  This type of behavior is too rarely caught or called.   I feel a little bad for them that this might happen as publicly, but probably a good lesson.

ABC can mean “Always be closing.”  An ancillary would be “Always be Courteous.”

TuneCore Tells Us Where We Can Shove It



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2 responses to “ABC = Always Be Courtous: TuneCore’s Cautinary Tale

  1. I have music on Tunecore and have another issue with them that I let them know about. I guess I’m not the ROLLING STONES so I didn’t get a reply. Here’s the post . . .

    Tunecore –

    I just read an article expounding the “revolution” in the music business due to the DIY sites such as Tunecore. Let me first say, that I’m a big fan of these sites. And yes, it’s a great opportunity for musicians that wouldn’t normally be heard beyond the local bar, garage or basement. (there’s a however coming!)

    I just received the latest email from Tunecore and it confirms a suspicion that has been growing for a while. If we lift the hood on these “revolutionary” music delivery systems, we can smell the all too familiar stench of the old record industry models belching the same old access to the music buying public. “Why . . . whatever do you mean?” Well, I’ll tell ya.

    Instead of rewarding the TOP 5 or 10 sellers on your site MORE promotional play/coverage, how about a system that lets ALL the members be on top of the charts for a day, a week or a month. You will make just as much money . . . those TOP 5 or 10 best selling musicians will still be accessed by their fans. They aren’t going anywhere. If you feel the need to ape the capitalist model of rewarding the “rich”, there are other ways.

    Please . . . consider starting a “REAL” revolution. I know it won’t be televised.

    Gary E

  2. Gary–thanks for the comment. It is interesting that new services like this aren’t doing more to knock down the way things are.

    The music industry is hurting. If the new boss is basically going to be the old boss, I’d expect their woes to continue.

    Take care.

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