Pot of Internet Gold Available: Fixing Synch

I know there are a ton of Internet Start-ups as well as real live companies (like Microsoft and Google) attacking the synching space, but geesh, no one’s nailed it…

Last week, our team at Moonshoot tried Windows Live Folder Share to share some files across us all. I asked the folder to synch within my My Docs folder. It was nowhere near as apparent as it should have been that everything from my Docs (my personal investment porfolio spreadsheet, etc.) would be added to the Folder Share that someone sent me. Geesh, and I’m someone who generally understands how this stuff is supposed to work.

Ok, so user error. What’s really weird though is that you’ve basically got to both blow away the Folder Share and then call up the other users and ask them to trask all your personal docs that mistakenly got sent over to them in the sync.

There’s got to be a better way…


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