Free stuff for start-ups : insight from IDEO

Being an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, you get a lot of different input on what is must do in order for your business to succeed. A lot gets written about this. Here’s my short list of the most critically important must do‘s that I have experienced to date. It’s a pretty simple list:

  1. you must not run out of cash
  2. you must not give up
  3. you must build something people want

The first two are obvious: running out of cash or giving up kill the company.

The third one is where the magic of creating a customer is. And by extention, while the other two are hard, this is the most difficult, most challenging. It also is where you hear the most divergent advice.

The most useful advice I’ve gotten on how to go about building something people want is from IDEO. I did a recent tour of their facilities and got an overview spiel. I’ll write that up in a separate post.

More useful, I bought The Art of Innovation, a book by IDEO’s co-founder on how they operate. It is to building products what Igor’s guide to effective naming — a deep, obvious and useful approach that any entrepreneur could use.


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