Windows Live Writer–the best in breed blog authoring tool????

I’m getting a set of blog postings lined to publish over the next little bit, and I’m looking for the best web blog authoring and editing tool. As an ex-MSFTie, I appreciate that I’ll sometimes provide a more balanced view of Microsoft than most.

With that in mind, I’ve been pretty amazed at Windows Live Writer (available on Windows PCs only now). It’s easy to use and functional, and it’s integration into Internet Explorer makes it vastly easier to blog a web article or photo or whatever than anything I’ve seen for Mac. I literally keep a Virtual PC with Windows running so I can blog things via WLW if I see a page while I’m surfing around on my Mac.

I’d love to hear from anyone who blogs on Macs–what tools do you use and are they as good as WLW.

Update: Funnily enough, I’ve had enough IE7 crashes today that I’ve got to temper my enthusiasm for WLW.  WLW is pretty good, but it’s dependency on a browser that crashes a lot is a big flat spot.  What’s the WLW for Mac/FFox?


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