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This week, I’ve put together several posts on the products that I’ve found and loved for their simplicity, speed, usefulness, and free-ness. These attributes are key, key, key when you are trying to start a company, and as a new first-time entrepreneur, I’ve had to find and filter fast. To save others time, I’m putting my greatest hits on the web.

Today, I’m doing a brief post on PBwiki solves the problem of making it easy for a group of people to collaborate and share information over the web. Wiki’s are an amazing set of technologies, and there’s really more in them than I can explain well, read something else if you want to understand what WIki’s are and why they are so powerful as productivity tools. Suffice to say that at Moonshoot, we use PBWiki extensively–people can keep track of key documents, find relevant market information, and post broad updates in the Wiki.

What PBWiki does is simplify and demystify teh whole thing. PB stands for peanut butter, and it reinforces their (true) claim that you can setup a wiki with them in less time than it takes to make a peanut butter sandwich.

It’s free and it’s almost literally instant. Kudos to them for a great and useful product.

Thanks PBWiki!


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