Dick Morris on Democratic Nominating Contest

Morris’ take on all this is super crisp and clear-minded, on both sides.  Reminded me of Larry Ellison’s quote on the Economist: “I used to think for myself, now I just read the Economist.”  In same way, I used to think about politics, now I just tune into Morris. The audio below assesses the Democratic race, Oprah quote leads in for about 30 seconds.  (Note I’d write about the GOP race also, but I couldn’t find his segment on that on YouTube.) 

His key points:

  • Oprah’s endorsement of Obama is very significant for Democratic nomination race.
  • Hillary will get “creamed” in Iowa
  • This will put Hillary at risk in NH
  • Obama will win SC
  • Hillary will win MI
  • Then the Democratic party will give 30 days of assessment (pre-Florida) on whether they’re really ready to nominate him over Hillary

Interestingly (given that he was a former Clinton advisor) he also says:

“It’s very hard for anybody to be a front-runner for a year and take that kind of scrutiny.  And it’s particularly hard, when you know, for dead certainty, that if the American people knew what you were really like and what you are really for, they’d never vote for you.  So you need 12 months of artifice, and she hasn’t been able to pull it off.”


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