Announcing: Moonshoot

Hello all–this is about my new company, Moonshoot. It’s been 3 months now since I’ve left Microsoft and moved the family to Palo Alto, California. I made this move to shift my career to working in start-ups, a passion that I’d had for some time.

I’m pleased today to update you with the news that I’m starting a company called Moonshoot. We’re located in Redwood City, California.

Moonshoot is in stealth mode, and so I won’t disclose much yet. What I will say is that it is focused on a massive global market in the Consumer Internet space. We have seed funding secured, and we will be entering alpha early in 2008.

I’ll keep this blog updated from time to time with info on Moonshoot, but in general, I’ll be posting to the Moonshoot Blog. This blog will focus on a superset of Moonshoot and non-Moonshoot topics.

Please keep in touch with me through my email: Also, if you’d like to join our alpha / beta lists, please send us mail at



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3 responses to “Announcing: Moonshoot

  1. David Emrich

    Just found you while wandering the web. Best of luck with your new venture!!


  2. Nobuyuki Nojima

    Are you recruiting new employees in Japan ? I found Help Wanted ad of your company in Japan Times and applied for it. I’d like to know more about your company, so kindly reply to this email with outlines of its mission. Thank you very much.

    Nobuyuki Nojima 

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