Sucking less in economy class

Yesterday, I made the journey from Tokyo, Japan to Orlando, FL for Microsoft’s annual Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) meeting.  This meeting is great, very well done.  With me leaving Microsoft next month, I’m looking forward to this meeting–a great chance to see friends, say goodbye, and so forth.

The big downside is that the travel from Tokyo to Orlando is a hike.  A real hike.  

Now, MSFT may have >$40B in the cash account, but we’re a frugal place.  Flying to MGX is a mass group flight affair–flying business on the Corporate dime is strongly frowned upon.  If you want to sit up front, you better be ready to pay up miles or dollars.  

Now full confession, I’d tried to pay up, but the Travel Agency (AMEX Travel, Japan) basically blew me off, said there was no way.  This led to the very uncomfortable situation of me arriving in coach and seeing most of my team sitting up front in business.  So Amex Travel Japan has a bit of answering to do to me, but I”ll get to them later.

 Anyway, I have to report that United’s Economy Plus is not so bad for a flight that long.  The leg room is fine.  The movies were decent. 

 When I start my company, we’ll be coach all the way for sure. 


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